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The Stealth Castable Weed Rake
This is the latest addition to the stealth range, a castable weed rake.
Designed for removing weed, including blanket weed and other debris from the lake bed.  It is excellent at finding gravel bars, and other irregularities on the bottom.
After the success of the Stealth Weed Rake, which is excellent at clearing large areas of weed, we decided to produce a castable version.
Tests proved this design to be absolutely brilliant at clearing areas known to be hotspots, or finding areas that could become hotspots.
The casting accuracy is equivalent to casting out a rig.
We have found the best method to stir up the bottom with this rake, is to cast out to the desired spot, then snatch back a few times to stir up the bottom.
The weight of the rake is approx 3.5oz
A recent example of using the castable was at Vallee Lake in france.  My first cast out retrieved 1 rig with tubing and everything reusable.  My second cast another reusable rig with long lengths of line attached, this was obviously anglers not heeding Mark the owners advice on line strength, so this meant they were broken, their loss was my gain.
That was the last of the free rigs for the time being.   I continued pulling out branches and clearing loads of other bottom rubbish to clear a flat lay for my rigs.  On the Friday of that week there was a guy leaving that day, but the night before he had a run and he had forgot to put his bait runner on, needless to say, two of his rods ended up in the water. As he was leaving he was telling me what at happened and I said after breakfast I would have a cast about and see if I could find his rods. I went to his peg and on the first cast I connected with his rods, 2 rods were tangled together along with a big branch, two anglers who had just arrived helped me to get the rods in and to our astonishment there was still a 30llb carp on, which had been on for several hours and would most likely have died.
Mark the owner phoned the guy who's rods they were and he turned back to collect his rods, he was about an hours drive away.  So alls well that ends well thanks to the Castable.  As testament to this the owner and the baliff bought what stock I had left with me.
(stealth drag system design protected by copyright)

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