We are on summer shutdown from 4th August 2017 to 22nd August 2017
You may still place orders during this period however please be aware that the earlist it will be dispatched will be 22nd August 2017.


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***************Product out of stock***********************
Plastering and Mortar Stand     Size 800mm x 800mm     Height 1 metre..
**************Product out of stock*************
Plastering and Mortar Stand     Size 800mm x 800mm     Height 1 me..
*************Product out of stock*******************
Windscreen Stand/Trestle Folding/Adjustable Width  650mm x 550mm Height 900mm Chain for ..
***********product out of stock*****************
Bricklayers Spot Stand Mortar board stand for bricklayers. It is common practice for bricklaye..
French/Patio Door Stop/Holder
French/Patio Door Stop/Holder When patio doors are left open in windy conditions they can slam in..
Pond Pump Lift
Pond Pump Lift This is an alternative option to purchase a pond pump lift. This option enables..
Tent / Bevvy Peg Puller
Tent / Bevvy Peg Puller Constructed from 20mm round tube handle and 8mm solid bar hook and finish..
The Stealth Drag
The Stealth Drag This is a traditional design ideal for removing debris from your lake bed, such ..
The Stealth Reed Cutter
  The Stealth Reed Cutter another member of the Stealth range Tried and tested, the most ef..
The Stealth Weed Rake
The Stealth Drag bespoke weed rake Tried and tested Quickest most effective method of clearing..
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